Top 10 tech trends of 2010

Innovations in mobile driving changes in real estate

It’s that time of year again — dust off the flux capacitor, jump into the DeLorean time machine and let’s revisit the cool tech trends affecting real estate this past year!

The tech industry had a fascinating year. An Apple engineer caused quite the stir when he left a top-secret prototype of the iPhone 4 in a bar. The drama of the iPhone 4 leak unfolded like juicy, celebrity tabloid gossip and was the buzz on social networking sites.

Facebook continued its dominance in the social space and made the leap from the small screen to the big one. "The Social Network," starring Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerman, premiered on Oct. 1 and has grossed more than $192 million worldwide.

Some interesting technology trends unfolded in real estate as well. The industry saw its share of cutting-edge products, gadgets and apps. It seems that every year, a new product is chasing the elusive "lifestyle search" and there were a bunch of neighborhood and lifestyle applications released.