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Take a deep real estate technology dive, Aug 7, 2017

By BILL RISSER Editor's note: Bill Risser is an assistant vice president and branch manager for Chicago Title in Phoenix. I'm sure most of us have attended online meetings or webinars. The most popular product I've seen is GoToMeeting. I've never had the joy of setting up an online meeting, but I know from personal experience that joining them can be a royal pain. The other day, I saw a blurb from Reggie Nicolay about an online meeting site called Being the curious type, I instantly downloaded and installed the software, and tested it with a couple agents. It worked flawlessly. Most important was the ease of joining the meeting for the people I invited. No software to load, and no ID numbers to copy and paste -- just a simple link to click.  Once they joined the meeting, they had the ability to enter their name, participate in a chat, make a conference call with a provided number, and even get control of the presenter's screen. Another great feature...