8 tools to enliven real estate biz

Direct-to-voicemail, bookkeeping, free content just a mouse-click away

Are you ready to work less and get better results? If so, making your business more fun and efficient is now easier than you ever dreamed.

1. Play the Headline Analyzer game
Coming up with great headlines for your ads, marketing materials, blog and social media posts can be a pretty challenging business. The problem is that most agents have no way to evaluate the strength of their headline. Now there is a fun way to beat the problem with an online Headline Analyzer. This powerful tool will help you write more effective headlines for your print and Web marketing.

Begin by entering your headline to see how it scores. Play with it until the score is 40 percent or more to help you design a better headline. (Some tips to score higher are to use the words "you," "your," "secrets" and "strategies," and to use numbers.) This fun tool is free. Be forewarned, however, it’s also addictive.

2. Work less, post more
For anyone who produces his or her own newsletter or blog posts, coming up with fresh content is a major challenge. The National Association of Realtors has just started a new Realtor partner program through HouseLogic.com that provides a whole host of consumer-related articles for Realtors to legally republish on their website or blog, or use in print advertising. There is no charge for this exclusive service for NAR members.