Beware of ARMs with no rate cap

Read fine print to avoid future payment shock

DEAR BENNY: I have an adjustable-rate home loan. I did not know that my lender sold my loan to an investor, who will not let me refinance into a fixed 30-year loan. This month my payment will go up to at least $3,000. Do they have the right to increase my monthly payment without notifying me? Is there anything I can do? –Karen

DEAR KAREN: Do you have a copy of the promissory note that you signed when you first bought your house? If not, you have the right to get a copy from the lender or the company that is currently servicing your loan. (That is the company to whom you make your monthly payment.)

Read that document very carefully. If you don’t understand it, ask a lawyer for assistance. I cannot believe that your monthly payment can legally increase to $3,000, although I am not providing a legal opinion since I have not seen that document.