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8 tips for making move to new real estate office, brand

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Your business is humming along nicely. Then, at the weekly office meeting your manager announces with tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry, but this office is being closed." As real estate companies change hands and offices are consolidated or closed, an increasing number of agents are being forced to ask, "Where do I go next?" Anyone who does real estate recruiting salivates at the thought of a management change in a local office or a parent company being acquired by a competitor. They know that this a prime time to successfully recruit agents. The agents know they will have to change their signs, change their websites, and change all their other marketing material.If the agents are the slightest bit dissatisfied with their current situation, there's a high probability they will go elsewhere. Our coaching client who had this happen to her was faced with some difficult choices. First, she is extremely brand-loyal. Going to another company was virtually out of...