High-profile real estate regulator finds new career as agent

People in Real Estate: Erin Toll

Many real estate closings come with a certain amount of tension, but novice real estate agent Erin Toll Glover has come to expect more than the usual amount of anxiety emanating from across the closing table.

Closers at title insurance companies have told her they’re terrified of her, she said.

"People are always aware of my past," she said, laughing. "The biggest hurdle has been to get people to see that I don’t hang upside-down in a bat cave and sleep in a coffin."

That’s because Glover — when she was known professionally as Erin Toll — comes to the closing table with no small reputation.

Until June, she was the director of the Colorado Division of Real Estate, where she was known as an aggressive enforcer of the rules. Before that, working in the state’s Division of Insurance, she uncovered a wide-ranging kickback scandal in the title insurance industry.