Google tool powers dazzling data visualizations

Use Public Data Explorer to build interactive charts

I know that real estate professionals like to talk about market data with their customers because almost every single real estate blog I look at has a post about how the market is doing. This makes sense because, as I’m told, the question, "How’s the market?" is pretty much asked by everyone who comes into contact with a real estate professional.

At the same time, there’s also a lot of conversation about "lifestyle" and how important that is to people looking for a home. There are a lot of data points that might be useful to understanding lifestyle that wouldn’t be contained in the average housing market report.

Awhile back, Google acquired some technology from Hans Rossling’s Gapminder that works with data visualizations. We’ve seen the results of this in some of the fancy charts and graphs available in the advanced sections of Google Analytics.

Now Google is working more toward Rossling’s real goal: making public data available for visualizations by normal people. If you’ve ever tried to make sense of the data that is locked away in public reports and sources, you know that there’s something great in there. Something meaningful about what people are doing and how people are doing.