Consistency is key in building a real estate brand

Perspective: Find what you do right and stick with it

When I hear the word "software" I think of Microsoft. The mention of "soft drink" means Coke or Pepsi to me. Mention "search engine": Google. So how do you make your name pop into people’s minds when they hear "real estate"?

It’s called branding

Branding is the immediate association of a business name with its product type. I can think of specific agents — from Canandaigua, N.Y., to Springfield, Ill., to La Habra Heights, Calif. — whose names I equate with real estate success. Their agent brands are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe more.

How can you create a successful agent brand? Consistency is the key; consistency of your graphics and consistency in the experience of you.

It’s more than a name

To Xerox something means to make a copy of it. When you Google something you are confident that you will find what you want. These brands are both recognizable by their name, their logo and their association with dependable quality and service. All of that — the name, the look and the quality of service — are a part of the brand.