Consistency is key in building a real estate brand

Perspective: Find what you do right and stick with it

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When I hear the word "software" I think of Microsoft. The mention of "soft drink" means Coke or Pepsi to me. Mention "search engine": Google. So how do you make your name pop into people's minds when they hear "real estate"?

It's called branding

Branding is the immediate association of a business name with its product type. I can think of specific agents -- from Canandaigua, N.Y., to Springfield, Ill., to La Habra Heights, Calif. -- whose names I equate with real estate success. Their agent brands are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe more.

How can you create a successful agent brand? Consistency is the key; consistency of your graphics and consistency in the experience of you.

It's more than a name

To Xerox something means to make a copy of it. When you Google something you are confident that you will find what you want. These brands are both rec...