Matching buyers with down-payment assistance

Service identifies which programs a particular property qualifies for

Lack of a down payment is the No. 1 obstacle to home ownership. What most buyers don’t realize is that there are still hundreds of programs available to help them obtain a mortgage with less than 10 percent down.

I recently interviewed Rob Chrane of Down Payment Resource about an exciting new tool his company has created to assist buyers in obtaining down-payment assistance.

According to Chrane, many people are aware that there are FHA programs available to buyers who have low down payments. Most buyers, however, have come to the mistaken conclusion that it now takes at least 10 percent down to purchase if you use a conventional loan instead of an FHA loan.

Payment assistance comes in many forms. Down Payment Resource connects potential borrowers with available funding for down-payment assistance, fixed-rate mortgages, rehab loans, and more.

What makes this new program exciting is that the Down Payment Resource site works hand in hand with a multiple listing service (MLS) to do two things. First, while there are numerous federal programs available, few people realize how many state and local programs are available as well. These programs often have very different guidelines as well as loan limits.