A Realtor, in sickness and in health

How to deal with really cheap non-clients

Last week I received a phone call from a family friend. He is a well-known real estate investor and a very savvy one at that. He is also really cheap.

Now, I don’t mean "sorta cheap" or "kinda cheap." Heck, I can admit to being sorta cheap myself; I am no stranger to a good sample tray and a free coffee. And kinda cheap people are like my grandparents: they tip with whatever change they find in the bottom of their coat pockets. But really cheap people involve you in their cheapness. So I wasn’t too surprised to hear the request on the other end of the line.

REALLY CHEAP: Alisha, I need you to drive by (123 Address St.) and check it out for me. Do a walk-through, a (comparative market analysis), and let me know what you think I could flip it for.

ME: Well, I …

REALLY CHEAP: And don’t talk to the seller’s Realtors. I don’t want them to know I’m interested.