Another day, another call for real estate reform

Realtor Notebook

I doubt if a day goes by that I don’t read about how the real estate industry needs reform, how it needs to change, and how real estate agents are incompetent, or dishonest, or both. I am tired of reading it, and bored with it, too. I am open to specific criticisms and suggestions for improvement, but I am not finding any.

People who write about industry reform write in vague generalities, and they seem to miss the fact that our industry is highly regulated on the state level. Legislation is the only answer. It is state law that determines who is eligible for a real estate license and what type of training is required. The bar will be raised when laws are changed.

As an agent, I rarely encounter another agent who is dishonest or incompetent. I have met agents who I did not like, and agents who made the transaction more difficult than it had to be, but that doesn’t make them incompetent or dishonest.

We like to blame each other and point fingers when a transaction gets messed up or when the sale doesn’t go our way.

I have met many agents over the years who I have nothing but respect for. They do an amazing job every day but they never make the evening news or the local paper the way the incompetent and dishonest agents do.