Real estate agents: Plug in to Gen X, Gen Y buyers' preferences

Adopt a new approach as 'conduit of information'

Are you still marketing your business with personal brochures, glamour shots of yourself taken more than a decade ago, and other agent-centric approaches? If so, it’s time to shift gears to fit the demands of the next generation of buyers and sellers.

Real estate has evolved over the last several decades from being broker-centric to being agent centric, and then to being client-centric. In the client-centric model, the agent was seen as a "trusted adviser" who guided clients through the buying or selling process. The question is: What model is best suited for today’s clients?

The "Trusted Adviser Model" (as well as the agent-centric "me-me-me" models) is still common in real estate. If you’re still marketing using the "we’re No. 1 approach" or plastering your face all over postcards, bus benches and billboards, your money and time are better spent making your materials more client-centric.

Different generations require different approaches

Today, agents must modify their marketing and negotiation strategies to adapt to four different generations. For those born before 1965 (boomers and their ilk), the trusted adviser model is still important since they value expertise.