Eric Clapton’s ‘perfect bachelor pad’ for sale: audio recording included

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Eric Clapton's former home in Venice Beach, Calif. Photos courtesy of Stephen Meadows.Suppose you bought a home in Vienna, Austria, that once was owned by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. One day, you opened up a wall and discovered a heretofore unknown musical composition by the master. That's how Steve Meadows likened the experience of finding a tape recording made by Eric Clapton on his home's audio system. Meadows bought the architecturally significant house in Venice Beach, Calif., from the legendary guitarist and singer in 2003. "People told me he played his guitar here a lot," Meadows said. "You hear him tuning up (on the tape) and he plays guitar for 12 to 14 minutes. It's distinctive. I had never heard it before and it's never been recorded, to my knowledge." Recently, Meadows listed the home for sale for $2.5 million. Bonus for the buyer: The tape stays with the house. As a further enticement, any amount paid for the house that exceeds the market pr...