3 tips to prevent WordPress plug-in problems

Check for conflicts when adding new tools

WordPress, the content management system that has taken the world by storm, is always a popular item of discussion among real estate "Web heads." Whenever you get two people who run WordPress sites in the same place together, chances are the conversation turns to plug-ins.

Out of the box, WordPress does a great job of solving some problems that have been around as long as businesses have been hiring Web developers:

  • Make changes to your website content without having to call your Web designer.
  • Make the content easily portable through RSS and other geeky stuff.
  • Add a blog to your site on your domain.

Not bad for free software. But after you’ve been playing around with WordPress for a little bit you’ll want to start doing more. That’s where plug-ins come into play. WordPress plug-ins are bits of software that extend what WordPress can do.

For example, there are plug-ins that make it easier to integrate video into your pages. There are plug-ins that make it easier to get all kinds of social media buttons on your site. Plug-ins for real estate listings and IDX feeds.