3 social photo apps

Product Review: Color, Instagram and Path

One of the big things that iPhone brought with it was an easy way to manage photos taken with a cell phone. With the old "feature" phones you could take pictures, but getting them off the camera and into something usable and sharable was a significant hassle.

In this week’s column we’ll look at three photo apps that take advantage of the social capabilities of technology. Using photos to connect with other people has been around as long as portable personal cameras.

Now that cameras are in the pockets of anyone with a mobile phone, and people’s social networks are embedded into websites and mobile services, expect social photography (and eventually videography) to become more pervasive in our online experience.

Some of these services are new and not yet fully baked. So my usual beta warning: give it a try and start playing with these to see if they make your life better. If they don’t, then stop using them.