A real estate FAQ for iPad

5 common questions from industry pros

There is a lot of interest in the iPad and in tablet computing in general, and when I write about it I get questions. There are not many practical articles about the iPad for Realtors because the device is still so new.

Here are the most common questions I have encountered, and my answers:

1. Can I print from an iPad? Yes, you can print from the iPad. It uses wireless printing and only works with some printers. The details can be found on the Apple Web site. I have never had any need or desire to print from my iPad.

In fact, for me part of the beauty of the device is that I use less paper. There are alternatives to printing from the iPad — one is putting documents to be printed in Dropbox and printing them from a computer.

2. Can I access the multiple listing service from my iPad? I cannot answer that question for everyone, but I can access my MLS and I don’t have to use the mobile version or an app. I can see the MLS and use it just like I would on my PC.