Workarounds for seller financing pitfalls

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DEAR BENNY: I purchased a condo in California in January 2009 and was able to get a second mortgage through the seller to help me purchase. Dealing with the sellers has been a bit of a hassle.

When I contacted the sellers in order to assure that I received a statement of the interest paid on my loan about two months ago, they informed me they were unable to deposit two payments I sent them through my online banking system. One of these payments was in April 2010 and the other in September.

How long does the lender have to inform me of a missed or late payment? Since it has been so long it has been somewhat difficult for the bank to figure out what exactly occurred with the April payment. I am planning on refinancing in order to avoid dealing with this lender. --Brandy

DEAR BRANDY: That's an interesting question that has never come up before. And I must confess that I really don't know the answer. I do know, however...