Real estate innovation: Ask an agent

Realtor Notebook

Has anyone else noticed that the price of everything except housing has gone up?

Even during a housing crash, real estate agents need to spend money to make money. In addition to our business bills, we buy stuff for our business — not just gasoline and paper clips. Money is tighter for most of us this year, so we need to make each purchase count.

There are plenty of companies trying to sell products and services to Realtors. The inbox spam, invites to free webinars, and unwanted phone calls are at an all-time high. Did you know that just by writing that sentence I will likely get at least one call from someone trying to sell me something that I don’t want?

The problem with most of the stuff that is being pitched to people like me is that it is fairly useless. When I had more money to spend it did not matter if I occasionally spent it on something useless.

Today, I have to be strategic and I need a business reason for paying another software subscription, advertising on a third-party website, or buying more hardware or software.

I have been told that real estate agents are hard to sell to — especially when it comes to selling technology. As I look at the products I can buy, I understand why they would be hard to sell to in a recessionary industry.