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The rapture: a real estate roundup


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With T-minus mere dozens of hours until the rapture comes, it's no surprise the folks who know for a fact they'll be left behind are trying to figure out what to do with the earthly possessions of those headed for heaven.And is there any better outlet for the common man to air his concerns than Craigslist? We thinketh not. A quick scan this morning turned up more than a few postings about some prime real estate opportunities that happen to be the byproduct of Judgment Day.(Note: Punctuation has been edited in the following excerpts for readability.) Take a link that was just covered on Curbed NY. A poor guy who wants only to trade up in life had this to say: "As someone who will not be saved I'm looking to make the most of my remaining time here. If you're someone who will be saved and you live in a higher-end apartment in one of the more desirable neighborhoods in Brooklyn, I'd be interested in subletting until your return." Seattle A guy asks, "Going wi...