A real estate pay playbook: why commissions work

Letters from the Home Front

This past week, my husband and I made a pilgrimage to America’s Heartland. Our mission was, on the face, rather simple: deploy our collegiate daughter from the middle of Missouri to our nations’ capital. We were there as service providers.

As we arrived on schedule to commence Operation Internship, we knew that, like any complex transaction, this one would involve many moving parts. We knew this because we are trained professionals bringing years of experience in the nuances of flight connections, moving boxes, security deposits and overweight luggage surcharges. Our client, on the other hand, is relatively inexperienced. Thus, we had been commissioned.

Now, before I get to my point (one I fully intend to make within the next 400 words or so), it is important to understand the challenges we faced:

  • We had to book our flights, hotel and rental car on three weeks’ notice, because that is how the college internship hiring process and 20-somethings roll.
  • We had to schedule an auto transport service to arrive on a given day and deliver her car back to our home in San Diego for a summer vacation.