Get second opinion on $7K termite bill

Are two different treatments really necessary?

Q: I am selling a house and have gotten a termite inspection by a company recommended by the real estate agent. The recommendation was to tent the house and treat it with (a brand of insecticide). The cost for the subterranean termite treatment is $1,250; for the drywood termites it cost $2,600. The drywood termites are only in a corner by the water heater and under the porch by the water heater. Is the tenting for both types of termites? Why two different prices?

In addition, there are various fungus and dry-rot repairs, to the tune of $3,000 more. The termite company requires that it does the work or it will not give a completion notice. I could get a handyman to do it for much less. I want to get another estimate, but the real estate agent says we may be opening another can of worms, as the inspections are recorded.

It seems as if the termite company has us over a barrel and can charge whatever it wants since a competitive inspection is unlikely.

A: Your real estate agent is dead wrong. The termite company does not have you over a barrel. Get a competitive inspection and another bid. You’ll be out another inspection fee, but that’s all.