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Immediacy and real estate

Letters from the Home Front

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It happens at least once during every listing appointment, that moment when eyes start to glaze over. It's the universal language that says, "You may find all of this talk about your company and client testimonials, about Fannie, Freddie and market trends, quite fascinating, but I'm over it."

Swiftly and without hesitation, the savvy real estate agent, having read the signals, will correct course and start talking about the things that really matter to the seller. The seller typically wants to know two things: that their home will sell for a record price by Saturday, and that you will be out of their kitchen in time for the season finale of "Glee."

I could make this about the importance of taking physical cues and adapting our presentation to fit our audience if we are going to successfully make that all-important connection. I could, but I won't. Instead, I see it as a reminder that people today demand immediacy, and that re...