Explaining the investment gender divide

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Articles, books and whole industries have arisen to address the issue of women's self-confidence (and the lack thereof) and boosting it. In her new book, Louann Lofton, the managing editor for online content for investment resource The Motley Fool, pleads a persuasive case that there's an upside to this dearth of self-confidence: it makes for a smart and steady investment approach.

Men, Lofton repeatedly points out, have been shown time and time again to be overconfident in their investment decision-making, which is just one of many so-called "male" temperamental characteristics that make a masculine investment approach riskier, less profitable over time and generally inferior to a feminine one.

In fact, the titular thesis of Lofton's book is that the "Oracle of Omaha's" approach, and the elements about it we should all emulate, is characterized by a number of temperamental characteristics that are, Lofton says, feminine in nature. <...