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Century 21 Real Estate CEO climbs for a cause

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Century 21 Real Estate President and CEO Rick Davidson.When British climber George Mallory was asked in 1924 why he wanted to scale Mount Everest, he very tersely and very famously replied: "Because it's there." Rick Davidson is a little more specific about the kick that drives him to strap on a heavy load of supplies and gear and climb 12,000 feet in a day (and back). "It truly is about taking yourself to a limit and being able to blow past that limit -- to me, that is exhilaration," Davidson said. Davidson, who is president and CEO Century 21 Real Estate, the world's largest real estate franchise network, next week will join a team of seven other climbers, all of them in the real estate industry, to tackle peaks in Alaska. The undertaking is a fundraiser for Easter Seals and Big Brothers Big Sisters. The effort will be tracked each day at "We're hoping to raise $1 a vertical foot, and make as many vertical feet as...