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Zillow boosts search exposure for new homes

New feature groups new homes by community or neighborhood

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Editor's note: This article is republished with permission of Builder magazine. View the original article: "Zillow Boosts Exposure for New Homes With its Latest Search Features." By JOHN CAULFIELDĀ  One of the improvements to's search function is the way it identifies when new homes are part of a specific neighborhood or community. Image courtesy of Zillow., the online real estate database, has introduced a new search function on its website that's giving greater visibility to new homes that are available in markets around the country. Zillow's site has 22 million viewers per month, and the goal of this launch "is to give more exposure to new homes for all consumers, not just those who come to the site predisposed to buy a house," says Greg Schwartz, Zillow's chief revenue officer. The first stage of this launch includes changes to Zillow's website and mobile application, through which Zillow receives about 30 percent of its weekend t...