A social dashboard to protect the corporate brand

Real estate tech review: Hearsay Social

Social media presents an opportunity for connecting directly to an audience via a variety of social channels. But for multi-office brokerages and franchises there’s an added challenge: How do you keep the message consistent to customers?

If each office or agent is out there on individual Facebook pages, then the possibility for inconsistent messaging and off-brand communication is a definite possibility.

This is especially true in an industry like real estate, where every agent is, in effect, an individual brand (that’s why their picture is always bigger than the company logo on their websites).

And most innovative agents aren’t likely to wait around for the office to put together a social media strategy.

On the flip side, maintaining all of these social channels is work. It takes time to source and create content to share with an audience. Facebook, Twitter and other social channels are a beast that needs constant feeding and constant content.