The real estate customer is not always right

Realtor Notebook

When business is slow it is sometimes tempting to take business that we should not take and to forget that the customer is not always right.

We overprice the home to get the listing, and then we are stuck with a listing that we can’t sell. Maybe we thought it was priced right, but it won’t sell — and we don’t want to go that extra 10 rounds with our client to convince the client that a price reduction is in order.

When we go along with what the customer or client wants, we are not acting in the client’s best interests, or even in our own. And that rule applies to matters other than price, too. Today’s sellers are real estate experts because they have access to the Internet and they have friends or relatives who recently sold a home.

Sellers can learn from reality TV and they can read free advice on websites with free home valuations. In some cases, sellers may hear the answers they want from an agent in another state — though the laws and regulations may not be the same in that state.