3 tips to flush Flash from your real estate website

Is your real estate website ready for the post-PC era?

Real Estate Connect is always a whirlwind, and this year was no exception. There are always fantastic speakers and tons of great content, and it’s impossible to attend every workshop and session. However, I always make a point at the conference to grab a good seat for Brad Inman’s keynote. I was particularly interested in Brad’s keynote this year. He discussed the post-PC era, and how tablets and smartphones are reshaping our lives and how we consume content.

The post-PC era and mobile technologies are the leading catalysts for the open Web and cross-platform applications.

I participated in a session at a Real Estate Connect technology workshop titled "HTML5 vs. Flash: Is Flash Dead?" Ori Staub, the technology director at Active Website, also joined me on stage as we discussed many topics, including the current HTML standards, video, CSS3, JavaScript, app development, and more.

During the Q-and-A portion, I learned that many website owners in the audience still utilized Adobe Flash on their real estate websites and did not have a mobile version.