Google+ and Facebook are not CRM tools

Social networks are all about the eyeballs

While it may be tempting to say so, social networking sites like Google+ and Facebook are not customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Why? Because they lack any sort of direct business intent or business process system. Social networking sites are no more CRM platforms than that old paper Rolodex (and maybe even less so).

This isn’t to say that Google+ and Facebook and whatever the next social thing is aren’t useful for business. They are. They’re great ways to communicate with people. They’re great ways to listen to people.

But if you’ve ever logged in and used one of these social networks you might be familiar with the following scenario: You log in to get some business task accomplished, post a bit of content, respond to a customer, make a connection of some sort, and within 15 minutes you’re tagging (or untagging) photos of yourself from the latest party or conference you attended. You’re blown off course.

This happens because social networking sites are designed and built to get you playing with media created by people you like about people you like (most often, yourself).