Twitter tips for real estate: lurk, learn and interact

Realtor Notebook

My friends will tell you that I love Twitter. I have it up on my computer most of the time since I joined in early 2007. The trick is to not look at it all the time — I would not get any work done.

If you have given up on Twitter because it isn’t working for you, it might be because you are using it for marketing instead of for networking.

Twitter is the most abused of the social media tools. Real estate agents like to abuse it by tweeting about homes for sale or creating automated tweets to alert us to their most recent blog post or photograph.

An occasional automated tweet is alright, but some folks are never around to join in the conversation and so they miss out on the social aspects of Twitter.

They may tweet a link to a blog post, but they are not present to answer a question or comment from a potential homebuyer or seller who just followed the link and read the article.

Marketers of all stripes abuse Twitter in broadcasting their messages. Twitter would never have grown or caught on like it did if everyone used it for broadcasting and no one was reading the tweets.