Quick response times pay off for real estate agent

From InmanNext

Stephanie Kelley, of Keller Williams, Legacy, has been riding the San Antonio real estate wave since 1992. Years in the business have taught her the value of real face time as well as online interactions.

Kelley and her business partner and husband, Randy Kelley, know where to draw the line between the personal and the professional, especially online. Kelley recently gushed to InmanNext about her iPad 2, her long relationship with the Top Producer customer relationship management platform, and her goal to integrate eEdge by the end of the year.

What is the No. 1 tech challenge you are faced with?
The biggest challenge that I face is just keeping up with the constant learning curve.

Are you involved in social networking (i.e., Facebook and Twitter)? If so, briefly tell us how you use it to build your business. If you are not, please tell us why.
Social media is simply a doorway or means of staying in touch, not only with clients but also family and friends.