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Real estate agents: Are you a digital sharecropper?

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Digital sharecropping is not a new term and it is just like other forms of sharecropping. With digital sharecropping, one party owns the website or service and another party, the sharecropper, provides the content and drives traffic to the site. The digital sharecropper usually gets free space and some of the benefit of the traffic that is generated. Under this model, the content generation or work is done by many people while the greatest rewards go to the few who own the site. The owner has to keep everything running and gets to make the rules. Ultimately, it is the owner of the site who profits the most from the relationship, in much the same way that landowners through the ages have profited from the hard work of farmers who sharecrop. One of the biggest problems with digital sharecropping is that the owner of the site can make changes that can disrupt a business. What happens when a business is built around a Facebook page and Facebook changes the rules? What if Fac...