3 ways to attract post-recession homebuyers

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I work in San Francisco and live nearby, so I was particularly intrigued by a recent headline on a national news site about a protest there.The story was about a "nude in" by some folks protesting what they considered to be a misguided campaign to make nudity illegal (San Francisco's municipal code doesn't prohibit public nudity).The piece featured a short article, a longer-than-normal photo slide show of the protesters, and a slew of comments. I skimmed the article and scrolled straight to the comments, which I just knew would offer at least one major laugh.I was amazed to see the comments focused instead on the price of gas in San Francisco that day, as revealed in one of the photos accompanying the story -- $4.29 for a gallon of regular.When I told this story to some relatives who live in a locale with a much lower cost-of-living, they got stuck on gas prices, too! "It's beautiful, but so expensive to live there!" they clucked, shaking their heads.I guess...