A paperless leasing process

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Dive into the latest Technology affecting RE, July 17, 2018

The same economic and demographic factors that seem to be conspiring to lower homeownership rates are contributing to what some are calling a boom in the rental market. While the U.S. might not be a "renter nation" yet, the stats are compelling. Barron's has predicted that rental rates may hit 36 percent by 2015, up from 32.8 percent in 2004. Data from some real estate research firms also indicate that effective rents nationwide are rising as rental vacancies drop. For Joe Buczkowski, founder of LeaseRunner, that shift signals an opportunity. LeaseRunner opened for business in August 2011 with the goal of providing a seamless, paperless leasing solution for residential and commercial property managers. The value proposition is straightforward and simple: make it easier and more cost-effective for tenants and landlords to do business with each other by offering a one-stop shop that replaces traditional paper-based transactions with a digital solution. With LeaseRun...