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Don’t tell me how to be a better real estate agent

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You have been telling me how to do my job, and now I am telling you how to do yours. Today it feels like therapy, and from where I sit your job looks easier than mine. It starts when I get up in the morning. I turn on the news and the talking heads give expert advice on how to sell real estate and where the market is headed. I try not to listen as they give buyers and sellers advice. Real estate is in the news, and for some it is a hobby. There are people who just "know" how to sell real estate, because apparently no experience is necessary. Selling real estate can be rewarding, but working on a 100 percent commission basis -- especially in this economy -- is not for wimps, and I fear that most experts would starve to death before they could make a sale. It takes a lot of courage and hard work. There are no guarantees and there is no employer-covered health insurance or paid vacations. I don't think people have to be real estate agents to understand real estate a...