Solve tenant disputes using social media

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Q: We're facing a bit of a public relations nightmare, the result of a few disgruntled tenants whipping up a frenzy about our apartment complex. They claim it's mismanaged, and have used Facebook pages and groups, blogs, and countless tweets to spread the word and make all sorts of unsubstantiated claims. There's a kernel of truth in some of their claims, but most are way overblown. What can we do? --Robert and Susan A: Welcome to the powerful world of social media, where a few people can make a huge impact. Just think of the role that social media played in the political uprisings in Egypt and other Middle East countries -- without it, it's quite possible that these revolutions would simply not have happened. Dictators aren't the only ones who should be paying attention to what's being said on Facebook and blogs. Companies and service providers, including professionals like doctors and lawyers, have all been fair game to determined posters and bloggers. Most of the time, ...