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Don’t get lost in ‘the cloud’

Know risks, rewards in outsourcing your data storage

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New technology is fun, productive and always gets a lot of attention. The newest shiny objects and magic bullets attract us. But with every shift in technology there are things we lose, as well. One of the big technology shifts that's been under way for the past few years is "the cloud." The idea behind cloud computing is basically this: Instead of having a large pile of processing power and hard drive space (what information technology wonks like to call "compute assets") of your own, you lease these things from a vendor. The big advantage of cloud computing is that it can reduce the amount of money spent through the IT department: The lump cost of hardware gets spread over time in the lease of the cloud resources. Cloud computing is a technology that reduces costs, not a technology that increases opportunity (someone will raise the issue of mobile access of cloud resources as an example of increasing opportunity, but that's all about mobile access --...