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I recently had a conversation with Chris Smith, the chief evangelist for Inman News, about generational differences. Smith made an astute observation about Generation Y vs. baby boomers when it comes to technology: "Boomers are immigrants; Gen Y are natives." If you have ever watched a 2- or 3-year-old walk up to a television set and start touching the screen to change it, it's readily apparent that today's young people and their approach to technology is one of "natives" -- they grow up with it, it's everywhere around them, and they are eager to interact with it as soon as they are able. As a boomer, I'm certainly not a native to technology, even though I have written programs in Fortran, have always purchased the latest technology, and have been using statistical software since my college days.Nevertheless, I remember watching my 5-year-old niece in 1991 pick up a mouse and navigate perfectly with her little Apple computer. It was an "aha!" m...