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What’s missing from our mobile experience

Some details are lost on small screens

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A couple weeks back I wrote about things we lose in the cloud. I think it's important to continually evaluate what we trade in to get the benefits of new technologies. It certainly isn't that I dislike new stuff. I just want to be aware of the trade-offs. In that spirit, this week's column is focusing on what we lose as we move to a mobile computing experience -- as we become "post-PC." Mobile computing brings with it a ton of great benefits: computing that is location-enhanced; manipulating digital stuff where and when we need it most; ability to capture and process data when we're inspired -- not just when we're at a desk. Primary challenge of mobile computing Every new technology has a primary challenge -- the thing that makes working with the new technology difficult either as a technologist or a user of the new technology. People tend to argue about the primary challenge (usually engineers or mainstream adopters of the technology) or pretend the primary cha...