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Real estate agents: Can you find yourself on the Web?

Realtor Notebook

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A couple of weeks ago I received a direct message through Twitter from a local colleague who wanted a list of iPad apps that Realtors use or can use on the job. He wanted a list of at least 10. The list was too long to send through Twitter and I could not find his email address in my database because we have never communicated by email. I went to his Twitter page and followed the link to a website. Once on the site I looked for an email address and found none. I followed the links on his sidebar and found several other sites, including sites like that are designed to be a home page, with links to everything. There were no email addresses on any of those sites. Eventually, I gave up and sent him a message through Twitter asking for his email address. He later explained to me that if I had visited the third site listed when I used Google to search I would have found the site with his email address. He considers that third-ranked listing to be his official home pag...