Divorces spawn extreme real estate renovations

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When a couple gets divorced, the range of emotions that arise in the course of splitting up their belongings can range from awkward on one end to vicious hatred on the other. Even when one party doesn't want the stuff anymore, there is a strange and bitter element to the other's decision on what to do with it. (To wit: the recently published book and blog chronicling the 120 possible uses for his ex-wife's wedding dress.) When the property is real estate and the parties are wealthy or well-known, most often everyone just moves out and allows the lawyers to dispose of the lovely homes. Divorcing celebrity A-listers Courtney Cox and Christina Aguilera, for example, both have amazing abodes currently on the market. (Eye-candy alert!) In other cases, the love of the marital home itself long outlasts the love the spouses have for each other; so much so that neither husband nor wife can or will let go of the place. And these situations make for strange housemates, even if they are...