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The next generation of real estate marketing

Timeless tips from the past decade

Editor's note: This is the last of a five-part series. During the last decade, marketing strategies have undergone a quantum shift as the real estate industry has been forced to move from print, phone and face-to-face marketing to using the Web. Ironically, in 2011, "face to face" and print are making a comeback. The next generation of real estate marketing During the 1990s, personal marketing brochures were all the rage. While Web 1.0 was about broadcasting your message using the traditional advertising model, Web 2.0 called for something entirely different. A 2002 article titled "Marketing and Branding You" looked at how agents could compete online against major national competitors without spending huge sums of money. The approach suggested then still works today. To achieve the best possible outcome from your marketing efforts, you must niche your business to a specific market area. This concept comes from "Marketing Warfare," a book wri...