3 steps to get deposit back after move-out

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Q: I moved out of my apartment last month, leaving it clean and without any damage. But I have yet to receive my deposit back. I now live several hundred miles away in another state. Any suggestions on how to get that deposit back? --Marc S. A: Many states have strict rules on how landlords should collect and use deposits. These rules include the process of returning them when the tenant moves out. Your first task is to find out how the state in which the rental is located regulates deposits. In brief, you'll need to know if there are specific rules on allowable deductions (some states specify "how clean is clean," for example), how much time the landlord has to return the deposit, whether you're entitled to interest, and the type of statement a landlord must provide when making deductions.Importantly, find out whether your state requires you to leave a forwarding address with the landlord. Next, contact the landlord again and ask that the deposit be returned. Do...