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Room to roam: Top 10 US states with largest lot sizes Northeast states top the list of places with wide open spaces

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If you’re looking for a house with a supersized backyard, you’re best bet is to search in the Eastern U.S.

Only one Western state — Montana at No. 2, with a median lot size of 73,616 square feet — ranked in the top 10 for states with the largest median lot sizes for sale, based on properties for sale at real estate search site in September.

In fact, a majority of the states ranking in the list of top 10 list for largest median lot sizes that month were found in states east of the Mississippi River.

Vermont topped the list with a median lot size of 75,794 square feet. Two other Northeast states were in the top five: New Hampshire, at No. 4 with a median lot size of 48,787 square feet; and Maine, ranked fifth with a median lot size of 44,431 square feet.

Median lot size by state dropped drastically from the largest to the 10th largest, from Vermont’s 75,794 square feet to Tennessee’s 27,443 square feet, a difference of 48,351 square feet. The nationwide average median lot size was 12,632 square feet.

While median home price didn’t track exactly with median lot size, four of the highest median-priced homes on the list were in the top five. They are (in order of lot size, highest to lowest): Vermont (ranked No. 1) at $249,000; Montana, No. 2, at $250,000; New Hampshire, No. 4, at $244,900; and Maine, No. 5, at $219,000. All were above the national average median home price of $195,000.

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All top 10 states with the largest median lot sizes had a median of three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

(View the full list of median house sizes for all 50 states and Washington, D.C.)

State: Vermont


Median lot size (sq. ft.) 75,794
Median house size (sq. ft.) 1,815
Median price $249,000
Lot cost per sq. ft. $3.29

Vermont mountain ski home image via Shutterstock.