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You can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it

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A couple weeks ago a friend of mine lured me into a thread on Facebook that was initiated with a question like, "Do you think real estate professionals will be replaced by computers?" There were, as you might imagine, a lot of responses, and I couldn't resist trying my hand at it as well.Most of the responses to this question focused on how computers can't accomplish the tasks of a real estate professional as we envision the job today. I think it's also useful to work from the other direction: What kind of world would be necessary to make this possibility a reality? If you can avoid a knee-jerk reaction to the question, then it might be useful to explore these possibilities.It's called "scenario planning" by futurists -- considering a possible future scenario, and planning how you might operate in that environment. Other people call it "using your imagination" or "daydreaming" or "working on plan R."The thing to remember when doing scen...