Top 10 real estate tech trends for 2012

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Technology changes so fast it's impossible to predict what will actually happen in 2012. However, it's always fun to analyze the data, look at trends and observe consumer behavior. The real estate industry will certainly continue to wrestle with issues such as data and syndication. Daily deals will come and go, and open source applications will have their place in our business, especially WordPress.Here are my top 10 real estate tech trends for 2012:10. The death of QR codesI never understood the fascination that the real estate industry had with QR codes (Quick Response codes). Many Realtors I know are extremely passionate about them. However, I've seen them used inappropriately on Facebook, on mobile and even in email signatures. Look for the QR code fad to dissipate in 2012. Need further evidence? Check out, "The Problem With QR Codes," by Scott Stratten, president of Un-Marketing.9. PodcastingPodcasting (of audio and video) has been around for some years now. However, it ...