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Master the elements of real estate style

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Since 1918, "The Elements of Style," that classic by Strunk and White on English usage, grammar and composition, has been required reading for anyone who has taken a college-level English course. I am finding that just about everyone has heard of it -- everyone, that is, except (until recently) me. Though my lifetime has spanned numerous geologic eras (several involving legendary natural disasters like a little meteor collision, a prolonged period of glacial advances, and disco), I am ashamed to say I just "discovered" this charming writing guide. (The purists among you will note that the structures of the preceding sentences stand as testament to this fact.) One of my daughters -- I'm not sure which -- left the book on the coffee table when she flew the coop for her institute of higher learning. I know this occurred sometime between the last 18 and 42 months because what I lack in formal literary training I make up for in basic math skills. It was short...