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It’s time for digital decluttering and unloading ‘stuff’

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It started in 2010 when my water heater blew up and flooded the basement. That is when I first started to realize that I have way too much stuff, and that is slowing me down. I spent hours cleaning and getting rid of stuff. When I hear my young first-time homebuyers, who wonder how they will fill all the rooms in a large house, I tell them about how we all start out with a little but end up with piles of stuff -- and how it tends to expand to fill up the space we have. Stuff takes up space and creates clutter, which is a distraction. The more stuff we have, the more space we need and the harder we have to work to pay for that space. I want less instead of more. My home office has been one of my biggest challenges. I cleaned out the dreaded top drawer and discovered all sorts of office supplies that I no longer use. They all have to go -- someone else can use them. Why is it that we think we need to hang onto everything if it is business-related? Most of my files are elect...