Stuff underwater homeowners say

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Whether you consider yourself a more or less avid pop-culture observer, chances are good that by now you've seen at least one of the videos, Twitter accounts or articles chronicling the phenomenon we'll just call "Stuff Girls Say" (hereafter "SGS," with "Stuff" being my G-rated substitution for another word you can probably guess at). The original Twitter account contained nothing but a couple of comedy writers' rapid-fire blurbs of silly things young women say.But the spinoff Web video series took the hilarity up a huge notch, featuring a young man in a wig delivering these verbal tics with inflection and body language you'll find bizarrely familiar if you are a woman under 40 years old or know many of them (the video also featured Juliette Lewis, which might seem like a random choice but turned out to be exemplary casting). Don't take my word for how funny the video is: At the time of this writing the first video is on its way to clocking 9 m...