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Book Review: 'Laughing at Wall Street: How I Beat the Pros at Investing ...'

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Book Review Title: "Laughing at Wall Street: How I Beat the Pros at Investing (By Reading Tabloids, Shopping at the Mall, and Connecting on Facebook) and How You Can, Too" Author: Chris Camillo Publisher: St. Martin's Press, 2011; 240 pages; $24.99 (hardcover), $11.99 (e-book) I'm constantly fascinated by how widely approaches to Facebook seems to differ, from my own personal vantage point. My entrepreneurial friends mostly use it to broadcast their business goings-on; my church friends to publicize upcoming events and pics from the annual cookout; and just about everyone I know published photos of their kids, dogs or loot this holiday season. Some people mostly post "meme"-y images; others post inspirational quotes; and still others lurk, only commenting when I post my own monthly canine pics. And then there's my mom, who is nowhere near old and loves her iPhone, Kindle and laptop, yet is very concerned that there's a fine line between simply sig...